Surviving Brain Cancer : My Chemo Treatment

I had Chemo, My personal journey

The dreaded word, chemotherapy is it really that bad?

You would often find me having deep conversations over the phone or support group who have been following my Brain Cancer Journey since 2014.  Tick Tock the clock is passing by with the sweet sounds of sitting in the hallway waiting for my radiologist to see me.

Luke, it’s great to see you again.  So we have created a treatment plan since you have recovered from your third Brain Surgery.  Are you ready for this?

See Luke, your treatment plan is scheduled to run over a stage of 4 months.  You will be given the Option stay in the chemotherapy ward for 3 weeks out of each month. That’s 12 weeks of chemotherapy for this little Aussie.

People would often ask me, Luke, so what you’re next steps with the treatment plan

My boss for say to me, are you going to have chemo”  I feel for you if you have to go through that! I know, but I have to go with the flow at the moment.

The compound effects of chemotherapy on the human body is mind-blowing to the point my hair fell out – “no joke” even my eyebrows went missing.  But, I had many options suggested to me that were like thanks but no thanks.  Yuk don’t think I could drink my own urine.

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Much gratitude signing out 

Luke Amery

Inspirational Speaker, Mindset Coach, Brain Cancer Survivor, & Best Selling Author



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