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Luke here from Ganbaru Mindset, Just wanted to share some Free Tips On Public Speaking for those who are looking to become a public speaker.

For me since the start of the year, making the decision to share my True Story on overcoming Brain Cancer back in 2014.  Check out my video HERE has been nerve-racking armpit sweating, to say the least.

I know for a fact that when I share my story with my audience the feedback I receive is just amazing.  That’s not to say I don’t get those crazy messages in my head weeks before I get on stage. Like ‘who do you think you are” it’s mind-blowing if we tune into the ‘itty bitty shitty committee’ which runs inside our central processor ‘your brain’ we can fall off the perch.

They say Public Speaking is more fearful than death? Don’t know about that going into brain surgery is fare worse than public speaking…

Here are some tips for you to consider

  1. Know your topic really well:  Some say ill just wing it as I go along with my speech but in all honesty, you make you look like a fool on stage.  So I strongly suggest research the hell out of your topic.
  2. Research other speakers:  You would find me researching other amazing speakers on YouTube just like Les Brown check out one of his greatest presentations.  Just watching this alone makes me jump out of my seat.
  3. Read Good Books: I like to feed my mind with good positive stuff.  One day I was listening to “Online Genius Podcast” with Bobby Clink.  The topic was on Public Speaking the book he suggested to read was ” Speak & Grow Rich” written by Dottie & Lilly Waiters.  This a must treat it as your bible for public speaking.
  4. Be You: Why do I say that? Because everyone else is taken. Like Oscar Wild once said.  Just be you nobody else can speak from the heart like you do.  Don’t try to share your topic like Tony Robbins it will not come across authenticly…
  5. Film Yourself: I know it sounds odd, why do you suggest I film my self with crossed arms.  because it gives us solid feedback on how we are performing on stage and checking in if we are connecting with our audience.  Try it what have you got to lose?
  6. Practice Makes Perfect: Michael Jordan didn’t become a star overnight, so I suggest start practicing your topic or story you which to share with your audience.

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Luke Amery

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