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Getting into the Ganbaru Mindset.

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I don’t know where this journey is going to take me, but I’m willing to follow the path.

— Luke Amery —


Who is Luke Amery?

About the Author

After his massive health journey in 2014 with brain cancer, Luke’s doctor said one thing that hit him square in the face!

“Luke, you can’t go back to what you were doing.
You’re just not fit to do what you used to do anymore.”

Luke Amery was happily working as an “open-cut” miner in Australia when he began struggling with his physical balance and discovered he had been struck with brain cancer.

As the father of two, working for long periods away from home, he already knew he had been missing out on much. Coupled with the sudden, serious health issue, Luke knew a complete life change was in order.

He became newly driven to take control of his own life and passions, and to help others through ordeals like his, even as he was overcoming his own brain cancer.  He began to realise that he had a different mindset to others going through the same problems.  He was

applying what he has come to call “Ganbaru Mindset,” explained in his book of the same title.

Today, Luke lives with a sense of making up for lost time, and of the importance of living in the now. He has found new joy in helping others achieve their dreams and win, through sometimes horrible circumstances, to rediscover their “mojo” along with their true purpose and passion in life, to succeed and be happy.

When certain challenges like cancer, heart attack, depression or even a sudden career change appear in our paths. We simply need to maintain a positive mindset to the best of our ability while staying focused on our vision where we heading in life.  I know for me when I was making the wish to come home the universe provided with a brain tumour.”When Life throws you a curveball we need to hit it them out of the Park”  – My message is clear, be careful what you wish for! – Luke Amery

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…I had an interview to discuss the likelihood of survival, death, and other possible complications.

— Excerpt from 'Ganburu Mindset' —

The Amazon Best Seller

About Ganbaru Mindset



What is this book about?

In this book, I’ve shared the complete story of my gruesome journey through cancer hell, together with teachable moments based on how I coped with what was happening to me. I have isolated key principles that got me through my 2014 brain cancer health journey. I’ve also included brief exercises at the end of each chapter to help you take ownership of the teaching elements of the Ganbaru Mindset.

See, there is more to life than meets the eye!  And the whole reason why I love what I do, is that I believe I’ve been put on this earth to help as many people as possible to get what they want in life.

If you feel you’ve lost your mojo, true purpose, or passion in life, as Jim Rohn would say, “It’s time to start doing the work”. It’s time to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.

Have you ever dreamed that you had stumbled upon the secret to creating more time with your family, and at the same time, more money?

Then I highly suggest that it’s time to turn this dream into a reality!  Now is your time to take a stand for yourself and start creating an abundance in all areas of your life!  Yes,…. start……NOW!

What does Ganbaru Mindset mean?

I usually get asked, “What does Ganbaru Mindset really mean?” In Japanese, ガンバルの考え方 or Ganbaru (頑張る, it literally means to stand firm.  Often written in English as gambaru, it is a ubiquitous Japanese word which roughly means to slog on tenaciously through tough times. The word Ganbaru is often translated to mean “doing one’s best”, but in practice, it means doing more than one’s best.

Doing more than one’s best means that you have to push beyond your usual comfortable boundaries.  If you’re faced with an obstacle in your life which seems to be impossible to get over then it’s time to go beyond your normal approach to life; to find a way around, or under, or through the obstacle to reach what’s on the other side of the obstacle. If you’ve been doing the same thing all your life and not getting any closer to your life’s dream then it’s time to do something different!

Luke’s book can help you find that inner strength
to get to the other side of the obstacle.

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What People are saying about Ganbaru Mindset

  • As a person who has overcome personal challenges, I am in awe of Luke and how he has lived his life with positivity and gratitude.

    — Jenny Old —
  • Life is a different journey for every one of us, and clearly luke has made the most of opportunities afforded to him.

    — Neil Duval —
  • Luke, your journey showed me such encouragement and strength, but I also feel you are such a strong, positive, and inspirational man, father, husband, and friend.

    — Sam Harrison —
  • Luke, your journey showed me such encouragement and strength, but I also feel you are such a strong, positive, and inspirational man, father, husband, and friend.

    — Luke Harrison —




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Life is never going to be the same. The back to normal, there is really no such thing.

— Excerpt from 'Ganburu Mindset' —
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